Architect VS Civil Engineer | Obligations

Architects and engineers must work together closely to design and construct buildings. Although their duties overlap to some extent, they’re separate professions with their own unique skills and responsibilities. On the images below are given what are the main differences between these two professions.

Both Civil Engineering and Architecture are involved in planning and designing structures. However, Architecture focuses more on the spatial functionality and aesthetics of the development work and is more concerned with the artistry, look, feel and functionality of the design, while Civil Engineering concentrates on the structural elements of the design, making certain that the structure can endure normal and extreme conditions.


 Architect’s obligations

Planner and structural specialist for various purposes. A designer can not satisfy a structural specialists reason nor a structural specialist can do that for a planner.

He is expected to build outside and inside magnificence of a structure.

Modelers give legitimate courses of action to present and future needs with appropriate area usage.

To permit appropriate ventilation of staying space procurement all around the building.

To plan and organize the rooms and offices as indicated by the longing.

To give adequate lighting, air flow and so forth.


Civil Engineer’s obligations

He is expected to lessen the development cost as would be prudent.

To give precise estimations.

To complete plans for the establishment, pillars, segments, load count, section, rooftop, support…

To choose an adequate contractual worker to finish the works.

Supervision of development work.

To give quake resistance.