Categories of Concrete Beam and their reinforcement details

Beam stands for a structural member that provides supports to bear the transverse load that generally builds on the supports at its end. Girder is the part and parcel of a beam that provides strong supports to one or more smaller beam.
Beams are categorized as simple beam, continuous beam and semi-continuous beam.
Simple Beam: This type of beam contains a single span that provides supports at its end devoid of any restraint at the support. Simple beam is also known as simply supported beam. Restraint signifies an inflexible connection or anchorage at the support.
Continuous Beam: This type of beam depends on in excess of two supports.
Semi-Continuous Beam: This type of beam consists of two spans with or without restraint at the two remote ends.
Cantilever Beam: This type of beam is rested on one end and the other end highlights ‘beyond the support or wall.
T – Beam: If floor slabs and beams are poured all together for developing a monolithic structure where the part of the slab at both sides of the beam functions as flanges of the T-Beam. The beam that is situated underneath the slab performs as the web member and is often entitled as stem.

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