Solar Roof Tiles are the Future of Eco Homes and Friends to Home Budget

Solar roof tiles are a new invention that can help a lot in saving energy and lowering electricity bills.

The solar energy is what can provide so much for your home heat without too many costs. There are many alternative energy solutions that are more and more attractive lately but solar energy is maybe something that is endless and easiest one.

Having a warm home and water is a big problem that needs a serious solution. With the great earth pollution and heating materials that do harm to the planet, we are done. We should consider other ways of bringing heat in our home instead of cutting trees and ruining the natural ecosystem.

In the past, these solar systems were so expensive and not everyone could afford it to buy and install it for their home. But, through the years it became not as expensive and people can install it to their homes and use it during every season of the year.

It is important to have a sunny day so the water of the system will be hotter. If not, there is always an alternative way to heat the water or the home interior.

This solar photovoltaic tiles are very nice looking and are way better than the old panels on the roof of the houses. Those old panels will be obsolete because this is a new innovative solution that works fabulously!

The tiles are made of natural clay or slate slabs that have small solar panels inserted on the flat surface that are exposed to the sun. Installation of these panels is very easy because of their shape and double function – tiles. They have a high energy yield and they are very small and flexible.

There are also transparent solar tiles with an even greater aesthetical look. Those tiles are also very resistant to all weather conditions because they are made of Plexiglas or PMMA. This material is much better because it allows the sun come in through the roof. They allow for 90% of the natural light to come in your home.




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    (February 17, 2017 - 11:55 am)

    इट It is really good thing to generate electriciry domestically send me details about solar tiles.

    Dr Balasubrahmanya K Acharya

    (March 2, 2017 - 6:54 am)

    Can we get the details of the place where we can buy them

    Rajesh kumar

    (March 30, 2017 - 3:04 am)

    Please send me the details. From where we can get this in India. Please provide us the address.

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