VIDEO: How to Calculate Cube Roots in Your Head

Cube root is a number that must be multiplied times itself three times to equal a given number. Do you know the cube root of 39304?

You can learn how to solve this and other cube roots very quickly using the steps below.

Step 1: Memorize the cubes of each number from 1 to 10, especially the last digit. See the video below for a chart.

Step 2: Look at the last digit of your number and write down the corresponding number. 4 in the case of 39304.

Step 3: Now ignore the last three digits: 3 0 4.

Step 4: Find the closest cube without going over. 39 is closest to cube of 3. That gives us the other part: 3.

Step 5: Put the numbers together to get 34.

34 is the cube root of 39304.

34 * 34 * 34 = 39304.


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