Stairs and Terms Relating Stairs

Stairs :-

A series of steps which provide access from one floor to another is called a stair.

Stair Case :

The part of building accommodating the stair is known as stair case.

Important Technical Terms :

Step :-

The combination of a tread and a riser supported by a string is called step.

· Tread :-

The horizontal top surface of a step on which foot is placed while going up or coming down a stair is known as tread.

· Riser :-

The vertical face of a step is called riser.

· Going or run :-

The horizontal distance between any two adjacent risers in a stair is called going or run.

· Rise:-

The vertical distance between any two adjacent treads in a stair is called rise.

· Nosing :-

The projecting edge of a tread beyond its riser in a step is called nosing. The line joining nosing of all steps in a flight is known as Line of nosing.

· Pitch or Slope :-

The angle between the line of Nosing and the floor or landing is called pitch or slope of a stair.

· Hand Rail :-

As inclined member at a convenient height projecting above steps of a stair to provide assistance and safe-guard to the users is called hand rail.

· Balusters :-

The vertical members provided in between the steps and the handrail are balusters. These members act as intermediate support to the hand rail.

· Newels or Newels posts :-

The post provided at the bottom, top and all the turning points in a stair to support the hand rail are known as newels or newel posts.

· Soffit :-

The under surface of a stair is called soffit.

· Winder :-

A step of non-uniform width is known as winder. This type of step is usually triangular in plan.
Such steps are only provided for changing the direction of a stair and should be avoided as far as possible since they are very dangerous for quick movement of user.

· Landing :-

The horizontal platform provided in between any two flights of a stair is called landing.
the landing which provide 90o turn in the layout of a stair is known as quarter space landing.
If the turn is 180o , it is called half-space landing.

Flight :-

A series of steps without any break in between is known as flight.

· Head Room :-

The height between the line of nosing to the soffit of a flight or ceiling room immediately above is called head room.

· Width of a Stair case:-

The width of enclosure accommodating the stair in building is called width of stair case. It depend upon the layout and width of the stair.

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