How To Find Out No Bricks In A Wall | Brick Calculation Formula

In this article we will focus on the brickwork analysis method along with following topics:

Let’s assume a brickwork that contains the following dimensions :

Length = 30 feet
Height = 15 feet
The density of the wall = 9 inches

If it is required to find out the quantity of bricks, cement and sand from the previously mentioned brick wall assuming that the size of the brick is 9 x 4.5 x 3 inches and mortar is 25% of brick wall.

Now total brickwork is equal to volume of brick wall. The volume of brickwork is defined as Length x height x thickness of the wall. After putting the value, we get the following :-

30 x 15 x 0.75 (as 9 inches = 0.75 feet) = 337.5 cft

You have to determine the volume of mortar as follow :

25%/100 x 337.5 = 84.375 cft

To find out the net brick work, it is required to subtract the volume of mortar from total brick work i.e. 337.5 – 84.375 = 253.125 cft.

Apply the following formula to find out no. of bricks:

Net brick work/volume of one brick = 253.125/0.75 x 0.375 x 0.25 = 3600 numbers (after converting the brick size of 9 x 4.5 x 3 inches into feet)

Watch the following video tutorial.

How to work out numbers of bricks in a brickwork