Download Construction Calculator App

On the link below you can download construction calculator app in the demo version for free. 

Different designers and calculators available in one app:

50+ different calculators and designers in one application:

designers stairs – 8 species,
calculators building materials for roofs – Gable, straight, attic,
Concrete stairs, foundations, laying paving slabs,
calculation of concrete, the calculation of the volume of lumber,
calculator fittings, ceramic tile, drywall,
calculation of log materials, wall, brick and metal fence, fence, floors, roofs,
land area, the calculation of earthwork – pit, trench, well, turf, swimming pool,
calculate the volume of pipes, tanks, barrels and rectangular containers,
greenhouses, loan calculator and designer wardrobe.

Generate drawings and plans. Detailed and accurate calculation.

Constantly adding new calculations.

Support for 90 languages.

Make plans and drawings, comprehensive and correct calculation,

Regularly including new computations,

The app can promptly and effortlessly determine building materials straightaway on the site.

Support for different and global languages.

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