Construction Tips For Shuttering Of Column

To retain the concrete shuttering tight, to keep it in a proper position and in correct arrangement, a concrete pad , known as starter, should be cast prior to settling the shuttering.


The measurements should be the same as the measurements of a projected column and the density will be 45mm to 60mm.

The starter is to be cured for a day or 2 with the goal that it becomes solid to set the shuttering around it.

Column box or covering for columns is shaped with plywood sheets or steel sheets created with a lot of stiffeners.

A thin film of oil or oil ought to be incorporated with inner surface of the shuttering so the column can be removed easily once the concrete gets hardened.


Shuttering should be set in an ideal way to its verticality and diagonals should to be inspected to check whether the measurements are right or not.

Formwork should be supported with props measure preceding pouring the concrete to oppose it’s movement horizontally or vertically all through cementing.

The gaps near the shuttering joints should be filled with mortar or a bit of wood to avoid of any spillage of slurry.

Appropriate space should be arranged in the inside face of the shutter and reinforcement by setting up cover blocks of about 40mm..

The shutter should be removed after 24 hrs. of casting and in the event that it is required to remove them faster, it ought to be kept up to sixteen hours.

Detaching of shutter should be performed gently without any jerks.

Safeguards should be taken concerning fixing and supporting of column shuttering with the goal that it can’t be moved all through cementing.

Diagonals of the shuttering should be examined properly to make sure that dimensions are perfect.