In this Article today I will teach you that how to calculate quantity of different materials and components of staircase.In staircase materials we can find out the quantity of  like Cement , sand and aggregate. so this is the important topic for today. After reading this article you you will be able to understand quantity of staircase in detail.

what is staircase?

Staircase is the continue process of steps of flight  between two floors. Or Staircase is the process of steps with attached one floor to other. we have different components of staircase but I have to discuss just 3 of them, Because we are just calculating the quantity in below 3 components.

Components of staircase:

1: Step : step is the composed of the tread and riser. And this is the important component of staircase.

2:Tread : Tread is the part of staircase which is stepped on. it can constructed from same specification thickness as any otter flooring. the depth should be measure form the outer edge of the step as a vertical “riser” between step. And the width should be measure from the other side of the Step.

3: Riser: the straight vertical of portion between each tread on the staircase is called riser.


Given data for staircase:

Riser = R = 6 inch = 0.5 tf

Treade = t = 12 inch = 1 ft

width of the staircase = 4 ft

waist thickness of staircase = 6 inch = 0.5 ft

Length of waist = 21.5 ft

height of wall to desigh the staircase = H = 10 ft

Concrete Ratio = 1:2:4       sum of ratio = 7


Staircase Angle should be taken in the comfortable staircase from 25 degree to 40. it will be the best design of staircase.

Solution :

Now we need No’s of Riser (use the given formula)

No’s of riser = Total height of wall / Height of riser  = 10 /0.5 = 20 No’s of riser

No’s of tread = Total no’s of riser – 1  = 19 No’s of tread.

Now we have to find out the volume of one step for materials calculation.

Volume  of one step = V = Riser height x Tread breadth x width of staircase x 1/2

Volume of one step = V = 0.5 x 1 x 4 x 0.5 = 1 cft

Total volume of steps = Volume of one step x total no’s of steps

= 1 x 20 = 20 cft

Volume of waist in staircase = L x B x thickness = 21.5 x 4 x 0.5 = 43 cft

Now Total volume of staircase in which we will find out quantity

Total volume of staircase = V = Volume of total steps + volume of waist = 20 + 43 = 63 cft

But this 63 cft is the wet volume of staircase , now we will convert it to dry volume so multiply with 1.54

Dry volume = Vd = 63 x 1.54 = 97.02 cft

Now find the volume of Cement , Sand and Aggregate

Volume of Cement = 1/7 x dry volume = 1/7 x 97.02   = 13.86 cft

Volume of Cement conver to cement bags ( just divide by 1.25 Because this is the one cement bag 50kg volume)

No’s of Cement bags = volume of cement / Volume of cement bag  = 13.86 / 1.25 = 11 No’s of bag.

Volume of Sand = 2/7 x dry volume = 2/7 x 97.02 = 27.72 cft

Volume of Aggregate = 4/7 x dry volume = 4/7 x 97.02 = 55.44 cft

Note: For any kind of concrete quantity you can use the same formula to find out the concrete quantity. but the size and volume can be change with the types of project.

Written by: Engr Sami Ullah (     Source