Checklist for RCC Slab and Beam

In this article we are going to present you a checklist for RCC Slab and beam.


1. Check Beam bottom’s line, level and width .

2. Check Beam side’s line, level and plumb.

3. Check Beam to beam measurements as per architectural drawings.

4. Check Individual level and diagonall of each slab bay.

5. Mark with nails slab thickness level on the peripheral beam’s outer sides.

6. Check Slab thickness and beam depths.

7. Support props for slab and beam bottoms should be in line & plumb. Bamboo bracing should be done at around 4′ ht from floor level. Support props for double staging terraces shall be carefully checked.

8. Check Line of external /peripheral beam’s sides sand should be cross supported to avoid buldging out of sides.

9. Check Junctions of columns and beam and make sure that they are watertight.

10. Deshuttering oil shall be applied to beam/slab shuttering.

11. Check Formwork of stairacse for dimensions of tread and riser, level of treads, plumb of risers.

12. Check Reinforcement for beams and slab as per R.C.C drawing

13. Proper cover for bottom /sides shall be checked for beams.

14. Proper cover shall be checked for slab.

15. Electrical points ,electrical piping (conduits)/fan hooks shall be checked as per drawing.

16. Reduction of column as per drawing shall be done if any.

17. Provide proper number of chairs for slab.

18. Dowels (if any) required to be provided for elevational feaures / future extentions.

19. Leave Parapet (Pardi) bars for balconies/staircase etc.

20. Provide Ring (stirrups) at the free end of each column reinforcement.

21. Fill gaps between plates /planks.

22. Taping should be done at ply joints in care of ply shuttering.

23 Approval of architect and R.C.C Consultant shall be taken prior to pouring.

24. Check the availability of required labour strength, mixer, lift, vibrators, masons, weigh batcher, diesel/petrol and plastic sheets etc before start of concreting.

25. Check Hidden beams /inverted beams/cantilever beams .

26. Check for the sunk if any as per the approved drawings.

27. Avoid  Packing below support props. If not , single wooden plank should be inserted as packing.

28. In case of large slabs , position of concrete joints shall be decided in advance as per approval by RCC consultant.

29. Check  Availibility of raw material for concrete /RMC per grade of concrete , water , electricity in advance before the start of concreting.

30. Concreting shall be done for the beams first & then slabs. Concreting shall be done for the beams first and then slabs.

31. Compaction of concrete shall be done by vibrators and tamping rods.

32. The top level of the slab shall be finished by mason and  no one should be allowed to walk on the fresh finished concrete.

33. Carpenter shall be present below the slab shuttering during concreting to ensure the tightners of the form work.

34. Cover with big plastic concrete finished concrete in case of a rain.

35. Cast 6 cube moulds for testing .

36. Curing of slab shall be done with ponding method by making ponds in cement and  sand mortar (1:10) of size around 5′ X 5′. Curing of beams and slabs shall be done for 7 to 10 days or as directed by the consultant.

37. After 24 hours do deshuttering of the beam outer sides. Deshuttering of the beam inner sides can be done after 48 hours . Deshuttering of the beam bottoms can be done after 14 days for beam lengths upto 3 M or as directed by the consultant.Deshuttering of the slab can be done after 7 days for slabs upto 3 M span or as directed by the consultant.

38. Finishing of honeycomb shall be done with proper care in front of engineer the next day.

39. Do Hacking of the beam sides, beam bottoms, slab bottoms within 1 or 2 days from deshuttering.

40. Paint date of casting and slab no on the front side beam.