What is Coupling Beam? | Use in the Construction

Coupling beam is an important member of the lateral force resisting system in a structure. Consequently, it couples or combines the two independent systems like shear walls.Types, advantages and design of coupling beam as per ACI 318- 11 is discussed. Coupling Beam Meaning and Use in the Construction

image by: architectureadmirers.com

For example, Let’s assume there are two buckets, one is completely filled with water whereas other is half filled. Now we have to level up the amount of water in both of the buckets. oh..! Seems quit easy but not.. For doing this there is a condition, it should be done without lifting up the bucket and a small flexible tube is given to us to connect the bucket. What will we do? We will just connect both of the buckets and due to the siphon action we would be able to transfer water from a filled bucket to the half filled bucket.

On the images below you can see the coupling of a beam is used in the construction field.