Some Useful Formula To Find Out The Height Of Any Building

This is another nice presentation from Sami Ullah, the renowned civil engineer.

In this construction video tutorial, he teaches us how to determine the height of any building on the basis of angle and the length of the edges.

Here, base length is taken as 2000 feet and the angle 30 degree. Now, it is required to find out the height of the bending of opposite side for determining the height for the building.

Here, the edges = X and opposite side = Y

Now, find out the distance of Y by applying the following formula :-

tanØ = Y/X
tan300 = Y/2000 (after putting the value of Ø)

By multiplying both sides with 2000, we get :-

2000 tan300 = Y

Y = 2000(0.577) (after putting the value of tan300)

Y = 1154 feet

Therefore, the height of the building is 1154 feet.

To get more details, watch the following video.

Video Source: Civil Engineers

Some useful formula to find out the height of any building