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Normally beams stand for horizontal structural members which transmit loads horizontally along their length to the supports where the loads are generally transformed into vertical forces. The objective of beams is to withstand vertical loads, shear forces and bending moments.

Depending on the types of supports, the following types of beams are available:-

1. Simply Supported Beam

2. Fixed Beam

3. Cantilever Beam

4. Continuously Supported Beam

1. Simply Supported Beam

when the ends of a beam are formed to stand freely on supports beam, it is known as a simple (freely) supported beam. It contains pinned support at one end and roller support at the other end. On the basis of assign load, it sustains shearing and bending.

2. Fixed Beam

If a beam is inflexible at both ends in order that the slope at the ends become zero, it is known as fixed beam. It is also called a built-in beam. The fixed ends produce fixing moments there other than the reactions. If perfect end fixing is obtained, fixed beams bear smaller maximum bending moments and contain smaller deflections.

3. Cantilever Beam

If a beam is set at one end whereas the other end is free, it is termed as cantilever beam. The beam bears the. load to the support where it is forced against with a moment and shear stress. It produces a negative bending moment to neutralize a positive bending moment formed to a different place.

4. Continuously Supported Beam

If in excess of two supports are arranged to the beam, it is described as continuously supported beam.

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