Truss Analysis: Method of Sections

Method of Sections
In this method, we will cut the truss into two sections by passing a cutting plane through the members whose internal forces we wish to determine. This method permits us to solve directly any member by analyzing the left or the right section of the cutting plane.

To remain each section in equilibrium, the cut members will be replaced by forces equivalent to the internal load transmitted to the members. Each section may constitute of non-concurrent force system from which three equilibrium equations can be written.

ΣFH=0,   ΣFV=0ΣFV=0,   and   ΣMO=0

Because we can only solve up to three unknowns, it is important not to cut more than three members of the truss. Depending on the type of truss and which members to solve, one may have to repeat Method of Sections more than once to determine all the desired forces.


A step by step explanation in this video

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