Tips For Brick Masonry

Some basic tips for Brick Masonry:

1. It’s far encouraged to use standard bricks which comprise consistent color. Bricks need to be burnt perfectly and contain perfect form and length.

2. Earlier to utilize the bricks in masonry, they have to had been soaking wet in water for 2 hours to avoid water intake from the mortar.

3. Bricks should be placed with the frog pointing upward.

4. The brick wall should be built up from the end or corner.

5. Brick courses have to had been perfectly horizontal.

6. A plumb-bob is used to test the verticality of the wall on a regular basis.

7. Mortar must be applied on the basis of the specification.

8. Each time work is finished brick masonry should be discarded with toothed end.

9.  Don’t use brick bats.

10. Walls must have been lifted up evenly. The variation amongst adjoining walls should be no longer than 1 m. Daily no wall should be lifted up by above 1.five m.

11. To provide best key for plastering or pointing, the face joints need to be lifted up to a depth of 12 to twenty mm, as quickly as the mortar is green. If there is no plastering or pointing, face joints must be fixed flush and completed precisely.

12. Holdfasts for doorways and windows ought to be set in brick masonry along side cement mortar or concrete while building up the wall independently.

13. Brick masonry should be cured often for two weeks.

14. Single scaffolding should have been utilized for the formation of brick work at higher levels.

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