Bearing Walls Under Out-of-Plane Loads: A Design Overview

Bearing Walls Under Out-of-Plane Loads: A Design Overview  Bearing walls are structural compression members which also may resist out-of-plane lateral loads. The resulting moments are referred to as weak-axis bending. A tilt-up wall panel exposed to wind is an example of this type of wall. Per ACI 318-14, bearing walls may be designed as compression […]

Deficient Shear Walls

Reinforced concrete shear wall structures constructed in the 1970’s or earlier suffer from a number of deficiencies in design and detailing. This is around the time when seismic provisions emerged in the design codes, and changed the traditional strength-based design philosophy. In this article, I will briefly review common problems with deficient shear walls, and […]

Elements Of a Building

Every family needs a building to reside. Apart from residential purposes buildings are required for educational, institutional, business, assembly and for industrial purposes. Buildings are required for the storage of materials also. In this article basic requirements of buildings are presented and then planning of the building with respect to orientation, utility of space, energy efficiency […]

Shear walls – General information

General Shear walls are vertically oriented elements that apart from their ability to bear vertical loads, they also limit the horizontal deformations of the structural frame. Since as a rule, they carry gravity loads, their large size is not entirely required. On the other hand, that large size is abso-lutely necessary in order for them […]