Bamboo as a Building Material

Bamboo is a renewable and versatile resource, characterized by high strength and low weight, and is easily worked using simple tools. It is widely recognized as one of the most important non-timber forest resources due to the high socio-economic benefits from bamboo based products. Bamboo is the world’s fastest growing woody plant. Bamboo grows three […]

Differences Between Steel Truss And Wooden Truss

In structural engineering, truss is an indispensible component which helps to build quality structure. There are different kinds of trusses available. Among them here in this article we highlight the basic differences between Steel Truss and wooden truss. Steel truss is more powerful with respect to wooden truss. On the other hand, wooden truss is […]

How to use method of joints for perfect truss analysis

This construction video tutorial is based on method of joint required for perfect truss analysis. (detect forces in various members of truss).   Trusses belong to structures which are extensively applied in various civil engineering applications like bridges, steel buildings and roof structures.   The method of joints is the most recognized process to discover […]

Truss Analysis of the Method of Joints System Video

The main function of the trusses is to support roof, strengthen bridges, or support towers. They are developed for sustaining loads. Generally they are built with long, straight members associated with joints at the end of each member. Jeff Hanson shows the method of joints system in order how to discover a zero force member for […]