Precast Lattice Structure Building and How it Looks Like on the Construction Site

Precast lattice and the reinforced joist slabs in reinforced concrete structures has advanced since the 1990’s. Such slabs are produced in two steps: one at the manufacturing plant where the joists are made, and the other on site, when concrete topping is applied.  Precast Lattice Structure Slabs and Their Advantages These slabs offer several advantages […]

Super Structure Building Construction

Super Structure Building Construction All exposed corners of columns and beams shall have straight edges and shall be champhered if specified in architectural drawings. Concreting of columns , beams, facias, and thin sections of concrete members shall be carried out using approved  plasticiser as per manufacturers specifications. Concrete pouring , testing, removal of formwork and […]

Stability of Structure and building

Any kind of alteration in the geometry of a structure or change in form of structural component under compression –leading to the loss of capacity to resist loading is known as instability. Instability could result to catastrophic breakdown which must be seriously considered in design. Why do we define instability instead of stability? Stability is a very […]