Details of stairs

Tread Nose  The nose makes the tread more comfortable to climb in socked feet or bear feet.  It mustn’t over hang too much or it becomes a tripping hazard.  A nose is not an essential part of a tread.  There are plenty of staircases, particularly more contemporary designs that are constructed without a nose. Treads […]

Wooden Stair Ideas

There are many styles to choose from when building your new home. This wooden staircase design features graceful curves, beautifully detailed ironwork on the rails, and gorgeous cherry steps. The dramatic contrast between the deep rich wood and all white room creates a luxurious look.      

Calculation of Stairs and Main Elements Step by Step

The calculation of stairs creates many doubts for many professionals ( Calculation Stairs and Main Elements Step by Step). From the moment you understand the calculation procedure is very easy and you can calculate any ladder, regardless of its shape. Stairs are composed of the following elements: 1. Floor: is the horizontal surface where we step with […]

Structural Details of Stair Construction Process

The construction of a house is huge and job that requires many professionals involved (Structural Details of Stair Construction Process): architects, engineers, woodworkers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers… There are so many plans needed to be done, thought well before everything starts with the installation and construction. Plans, calculations, positioning, buying all needed materials and more.   […]

Design of Reinforced Concrete Staircase (download excel spreadsheet)

Reinforced  Concrete  Staircase Reinforced  concrete  is  perhaps  the  most  suitable  of  all  the  said materials for the construction of stairs. The various advantages of reinforced concrete stairs are given below They have requisite fire resisting qualities to a great extent They  are  durable   strong   pleasing  in  appearance  and  can  be They  are  durable,  strong,  pleasing  […]