Economical Bricks Method of Building

Each of these bricks consists of 4 wooden elements. There are two lateral flanges and two transverse spacers (spacers), machined in “dovetail” which are assembled together. Using interlocking and giving a mechanical rigidity to the assembly this Brikawood brick is intended to be used alone, without cladding, rain cover or vapor barrier. There should be […]


1 SCOPE This standard ( Part 15 ) covers the procedure for determining the fineness of cement by wet sieving as represented by the mass of the residue left on a standard 45micron IS Sieve. 2 REFERENCES The Indian Standards listed below are necessary adjuncts to this standard. 3 SAMPLING AND SELECTION OF TEST SAMPLES […]

How to use method of joints for perfect truss analysis

This construction video tutorial is based on method of joint required for perfect truss analysis. (detect forces in various members of truss).   Trusses belong to structures which are extensively applied in various civil engineering applications like bridges, steel buildings and roof structures.   The method of joints is the most recognized process to discover […]

Methods of Frame Analysis

Elastic analysis of frames engages with the examination and study of the strength and properties of the members and structure at the working loads. Frames could be thoroughly examined with help of various techniques. Nonetheless, the techniques of examination adopted depends on the assortment of the frame, its pattern and arrangement (portal bay or multibay) […]