Organization for Successful Kitchen Plan

Deep planning and organizing the space before people start to use it is necessary in any room. Preparation of the interior for its normal and optimal function is what people do before they move in their new home. Or, when they do remodeling and reconstructing of parts of their home. Deep Planning the Kitchen and […]

Kitchen: Ergonomics & Circulation

In order your kitchen to be adequate circulation to perform a good job (Kitchen: Ergonomics & Circulation), here are some measures that can be used as standard: Minimum passage for one person is 60 cm, passage for two people should be 120 cm and minimum distance for a person to crouch is 76 cm. The distance when there […]

Kitchen Details To Know Before Construction

Making the kitchen a functional part of the home needs a lot! A lot of planning, a precise construction while building and more precise arranging at the end(Kitchen Details To Know Before Construction). The functional elements need precise dimensions where to be installed so they work properly.   Source

Check this Smart Designs of a Kitchen

When your kitchen needs improvement or you are arranging your kitchen for the first time, plan to be perfect! Be aware of all the needed dimensions of every element there, fridge, stove and similar, for normal use of them. People are making their kitchens according to the size of their kitchen space, of the location […]

DIY Kitchen Upgrade

Final product first. Mostly. Some outlet covers missing. I bought my house with the intention of upgrading everything without big remodels (like additions). This is the biggest project yet and I’m incredibly happy with how it turned out! It took about 10 weeks, which is decent considering I work full-time and also took a few […]