How to Build a Barn

The next barn had such a big success and everyone liked it so much, that the owners dedicated an entire site to the construction. Since they were receiving so many questions about the barn, a website with all the information seemed a great idea. On the webpage you can find detailed instructions about how the […]

Steps to follow reading the RCC Drawing

The success of the execution team and [ also the quantity survey team ] greatly rests on the accurate reading and interpretation of the RCC drawings. Let me express my views on a very comprehensive issue since reading of the drawings is directly connected to the right interpretation of standards[ In Indian context , the […]

Achieving Effectiveness as a Young Civil Engineer

Civil engineers spend four or more years in the institution being persuaded that if they solve the technical problems properly they will be rewarded with high grades. Not surprisingly, when they get to work, many civil engineers still expect that all they have to do to succeed is to apply effectively the technical and analytical […]