Design of Raft Foundation

Raft foundations (sometimes known as MatFoundations) are a large concrete slab which can support a number of columns and walls. The slab is spread out under the entire building or at least a large part of it which lowers the contact pressure compared to the traditionally used strip or trench footings. Raft foundation is a […]

Foundation Design

Having the capacity for the completion of foundation design is a very specific function and typically is performed by a highly specialized structural engineer. It requires study and inspection of numerous parts, and it is the primary structure of any building or structure, since it is the integral foundation of it. Foundation Depths The necessary […]

Design of Reinforced Concrete Isolated pad foundation

Read the following instruction before proceeding for Design 1 The design as per IS 456:2000 (Plain and reinforced concrete – code of practice) – Limit state method of design 2 The design approach is on the conservative side and for a economical design the user should follow either manual calculation or any other relavant software/tool […]

Raft foundation

The extensive foundation (which is usually called raft foundation), is a unified foundation that extends throughout the entire area of the columns. As a rule, raft foundation is used as a building’s foundation when the soil has a low bearing ca-pacity. The behaviour of the raft foundation resembles the behaviour of a strip foundation grate. […]

Foundation cases

(a) Foundation of composite elements The composite elements, in the case of spread footing foundation, require one unified spread footing. In order to comprehend the reinforcement of composite elements, the following sections regard the reinforcement of the unified footings used in the two characteristic examples of paragraph 3.3 Elevator The three shear walls of the […]

Epoxy Injection

Epoxy injection is an repairing  cracks in concrete, slabs, columns and piers. The epoxy or polyurethane concrete crack repair materials is injected into the concrete crack through these ports. These ports have a wide base that gives a strong adhesion to the concrete. Next, spread concrete crack surface sealer over the face of the crack.It […]