Concrete Floor Heating

Concrete floor heating  Why floor heating? With traditional central heating, air heated by the radiators rises.The result is that the hottest part of the room is the ceiling and the coldest is the floor, where the heat is actually needed.This is both very inefficient and wasted but also uncomfortable to the body.Warm head and cold […]

Floor Plan Symbols

You’ll need to get familiar with floor plan symbols if you’re looking at floor plans. A floor plan is a picture of a level of a home sliced horizontally about 4ft from the ground and looking down from above. If you would like a set of free floor plan symbols (all of the symbols on […]

The Ways of making a Soundproof Floor

In internal concrete and wood floors the resistance to sound transmission is achieved by several ways(The Ways of making a Soundproof Floor). First is the mass of the floor, applying sound-insulating material at some point of manufacture, and the formation of voids between a heavy element of construction (e.g., concrete slab) and a thin and […]

Resilient Flooring – Different Types of Resilient Flooring used in Buildings

Resilient flooring is defined as the floors made up of materials like PVC, rubber, linoleum etc. Different types of resilient flooring used in building construction is discussed. Resilient flooring system is denser and non-absorbent in nature. They assure a pliant surface which makes comfortable walking. These flooring also assure guarantee in having lesser maintenance. Different […]