Brief Demonstration of ACI codes for Civil Engineering

This construction video provides brief demonstration on ACI (American Concrete Institute) Code that is very important for perfect civil engineering design. ACI forms and circulates consensus-based knowledge on various fields like Concrete, Civil engineering, Structural engineering, standards organization, construction etc. The discussions are made on the following topics :- What should be done with Rectangular […]


An engineering manager is an engineer whose job requires him or her to apply the principles of engineering to the practices and practicalities of business. Ideally suited for a person who is skilled and knowledgeable in the technical, mechanical and technological aspects of engineering but who possesses the planning abilities and people management skills of […]

List of Civil Engineering Entrance Exams

List of Civil Engineering Entrance Exams Civil Engineering is one of the highly demanded courses in engineering. There exist hundred of Universities as well as Colleges in India offering engineering courses in civil Engineering. The selection of candidates in to these institutions is done through certain common admission tests. Those who can score well in […]