Aggregates for Concrete

The importance of using the right type and quality of aggregates cannot be overemphasized. The fine and coarse aggregates generally occupy 60% to 75% of the concrete volume (70% to 85% by mass) and strongly influence the concrete’s freshly mixed and hardened properties, mixture proportions, and economy. Fine aggregates (Fig. 5-1) generally consist of natural […]

Calculate the quantity of concrete in staircase

This is another informative video presented by the Learning Technology. One will be familiar with the detailed process for estimating the concrete volume quantity of staircase. The process is very complicated to find out the concrete volume for a staircase. But it can be done easily if you use AutoCAD. Here the staircase has two […]

Precast Concrete Advantages

In Precast concrete, a concrete member is casted and cured in a recyclable mold or “form” under a controlled environment and transmitted to the construction jobsite and elevated into place. On the other hand, the standard concrete is poured into site-specific forms and cured on site Precast concrete provides the following benefits 1. The precast […]

How to estimate materials for various ratio concrete

Mix design is commonly referred by mix proportion in a selective zone where same materials are used in concrete. Suppose, in Bangladesh, most of the structural designers refer concrete mix design as ratio in drawing. Because materials of same properties are used in all over the Bangladesh. The question is, How do we estimate materials […]

How does water play an important role in concrete?

In order to develop concrete, binding materials and inert materials are amalgamated with water. Therefore, the quality of concrete is dependent on the water and its quality as well as quantity. Water to cementitious materials ratio in concrete is most vital to ascertain the strength and longevity of concrete.   Water is essential to drench […]

Download Concrete Mix Design Spreadsheet

Mix design plays an imperative function in civil construction projects. With the aim of obtaining the accurate measurement of any construction site, the usage of this user-friendly concrete mix design spreadsheet is absolutely necessary. This handy construction sheet will supply you the amounts of mix design for your construction site. The concrete mix design refers […]

Innovation in the Reinforced Concrete – Bamboo Use!

Steel reinforcement and bamboo reinforcement use the same construction techniques, mix proportions and design so they both give excellent results(Innovation in the Reinforced Concrete – Bamboo Use!). Bamboo is a new material for reinforced practice and there are more advantages in its favor: natural, renewable material, used in the construction for centuries and more.     […]

5 Steps Of Load Pathway For Concrete Structures

Load types on building: Loads that are implemented on a structural element can differ between numerous categories and figures. Loads can be of various types. It can be dead loads, containing both the self weight and covering material. It can be live loads similar to the human being load on a slab, wind loads which […]