Suspension Bridge And Its Usages

There are different kinds of bridges in the whole construction world. One of them is suspension bridge which refers to a bridge that includes its deck suspended through suspension cables, which generally covers towers and firmly at the ends. Subsequently the deck is fixed with vertical suspenders connected with the suspension cables having a catenary […]

Bridge Cost Estimate Worksheet

  The Preliminary Cost Estimate Worksheet should be used to estimate the bridge cost for new and replacement bridge projects. The worksheet is based on the bridge shoulder break methodology. This methodology was established for use early in a project when bridge particulars, such as abutment heights and locations, are not known. The costs and […]

A New Method of Rapid Rail Bridge Replacement

(Image courtesy of Engineered Rigging.) Bridges are a beautiful example of structural engineering and essential pieces of infrastructure. When a bridge needs repairs, it can take significant amounts of time, effort and capital to complete, all while impeding commerce and increasing travel times. In an effort to bypass some of these limitations, Engineered Rigging has […]