Surveying Problem Solving with theory and objective type question – An exclusive ebook for surveyors

Surveying plays an important role in civil engineering. Each single operation of construction depends on survey, When you are developing pile foundation, you require a surveyor to spot and blueprint that pile consistent with the coordinates i.e. northing and easting along with chainage, reduced distance (RD) from a bench mark. In the same way the steel reinforcement level should be maintained with drawing and specification and a surveyor is needed to verify it.

In this regard, Dr. A.M.Chandra has published an exclusive ebook alias “Surveying Problem Solving with theory and objective type question.”

The book focuses on the following topics :-

Errors in measurements and their propagation, Distance measurement, Leveling, Theodolite and traverse surveying, Adjustment of survey observations, Triangulation and trilateration, Curve ranging, Areas and volumes, Point location and setting out.

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