Spreadsheet Toolkit With 200 Calculations | Civil Engineering Spreadsheet | Civil and Structural Engineers Spreadsheet

In this construction video tutorial, one can get demo of a spreadsheet toolkit that is available in all-in-1 spreadsheet USB protected license. The toolkit contains 2000 unique spreadsheets which are specifically designed for civil engineers, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers etc.

The toolkit can be utilized for the following purposes:-

Computing the beam

For obtaining the bar bending details

For scheduling the bar bending

To design a slab

To understand the capacity of a building for withstanding earthquake through spreadsheet calculations

To obtain the reinforcement details

To create design for pile foundation

To obtain complete footing design

This spreadsheet will save huge time that is spent in manual calculation.

One can purchase the toolkit by going through the following link.

Video Courtesy : Smart Learning Technologies India Private Limited

spreadsheets for Civil and Structural Engineers