Some useful tips to determine the cutting length of a spiral bar

Spiral bars are frequently applied in round columns, piers and piles.

Therefore, it is necessary to know the process efficiently for defining the cutting length of a spiral bar or helix bars as well as measuring the quantities.

Spiral bars are generally utilized in round columns as they perform in a superior manner as compared to tie bars.

The dimension of the spiral bars is as follow :-

Height = 15’
Top Diameter = 4’
Bottom Diameter = 4’
Pitch (in perpendicular distance) = 3’

To determine the length of helix/spiral bar, the following formula is used :-

Here, n denotes number of turns
C denotes circumference of spiral
P denotes Pitch

On the basis of the above figure, the calculation is made for finding out the cutting length of a spiral bar.

Video Source: SL Khan


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