Procedures on how to Design Reinforced Concrete Columns

Tie Design Standards

ACI Standards Columns Bars Details

ACI Column Splice Details

ACI Bar Bending Details

ACI Bar Bending Details

ACI Column Ties Requirements

Structural Design for column using Interaction Diagram

Interaction Diagram plot using Column design software and MS Excel Spreadsheet

Example of ACI Interaction Diagram.

Interaction Diagram-Rectangular Section-Courtesy of ACI

Interaction Diagram-Spiral Column-Courtesy of ACI

Summary of Column Design Requirements

Strength Reduction Factor, phi =0.70 -applicable up through ACI 318-1999; they have been changed to phi =0.65, for compression controlled members (columns and beams under compression controls) beginning with ACI 318-2002 Code, and continuing with the ACI 318-05 and 2008 up to present.


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