How to measure the quantity of asphalt in road construction


Asphalt is a  the mixture of aggregates which used for binder and filler of the construction of road . And also the asphalt used for the construction of play grounds and parking areas. Different  types of aggregates like crushed rock, sand, gravel are utilized the of mixture of asphalt. The bitumen is used to bind the aggregates crush and sand with each other and provide the smooth surface to the traffic.


Now i will teach you in this article how to calculate the quantity for asphalt in road construction . but maybe this is not the exact quantity for asphalt.

Let us start:

Given Data to Find out Asphalt in road Constrion:

Breadth of the road = B = 8 meter
Depth of the road = W =  15 centimeter  = o.15 meter
Length of the Road in kilo meters = L = 2000 meter = 2 km

Now we have to find out the volume of Asphalt :

Volume of Asphalt = V = B x W x L = 0.15 x 8 x 2000 = 2400 Cum.

Density of the Asphalt is = 2330 kg /m3

Now we can Find out the Quantity of Asphalt  = Volume of road Section ( For Asphalt ) x Density of Asphalt

=  2400 x 2330 = 559200 kg

Convert the 559200 kg asphalt to Ton’s than divide it by 1000 ( 1 ton is equal to 1000 kg )

therefor : 559200 kg / 1000 = 5592 ton’s

Note: We have different types of Asphalt therefore the Density of asphalt can be change.

1: Porous Asphalt

2: Perpetual Pavement

3: Quiet Pavement

4: Quiet Pavement

5: Warm-Mix Asphalt

But we use normally the Warm – Mix Asphalt  and we hot-mix asphalt is, except it is 50-100 degrees Fahrenheit lower. and this kind of asphalt ( Warm – Mix Asphalt) density is 2330 kg/cum. so the above quantity of asphalt is for warm mix asphalt . Because it does not work in the road construction when we do not hot this kind of asphalt with the 50 to 100 degrees.

Written by: Engr Sami Ullah Stanikzai (        Source