Meaning of Queen Post Roof Truss?

Truss is principally a trident or arc designs frame utilized greatly in roof covering.

Queen Post truss is described as an inclined roofing brace utilizing 2 upright tie posts joined within the tie beam and the joists.

The woody queen post roof varies from a king-post truss in holding 2 wooden supports or perpendicular part which is recognized as queen post. In that roofing, Queen – posts is utilized rather than king post.

Such Truss comprises subsequent parts:

  • 2 Queen posts
  • 2 Principal beams
  • Braces
  • Tie Beam
  • Stretching beams
  • Stretching rafters
  • Purlins

In this roof, The Queen posts are the strain components which are utilized to stop the declining of tie beam. The higher ends of the queen-posts are held ready through stretching beam. The straining beam gets the force from the principle beams, and also holds the joint in firm spot.

A straining beam is set on the tie beam and also set amidst the bases of queen post. That straining beam is utilized for decreasing the pushes from blusters.

The principal beams, Straining joists, blusters and straining beam are in contraction while the queen posts and tie beam are in strain. Purlins are flat wooden components turned on principal beams on across-the-board to reinforce common beams of a ceiling which is set with support/cleat.

Queen post trusses are appropriate for 8 to 12 meters. Such trusses are created from a range of materials including timber or steel. The Queen post truss is easier and lesser in mass. It does not assign weight on the middle of the major tie beam, like the king post truss.

Queen post trusses are utilized once there is a requirement to protect big areas. They are comparatively low-priced and can be constructed to go with nearly any measure or gradient of ceiling. It can also offer outstanding roof structure that distinguishes a house.

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