Architects Converted A Tiny 425-Square-Foot Loft Into A Dream Home

In a world where real estate is at a premium, where a garage in central London can cost more than a luxury car and it seems like you have to take out a mortgage for every square foot of your house; minimalist, small living spaces are increasingly de rigueur.

If you shudder at the idea of living in close quarters to your walls, you might take some inspiration from this outstanding example of architectural ingenuity in transforming a space from pokey to palatial luxury with some brilliant strokes of design.

With New York City trending towards limited living spaces, often in hard-to-manage spaces, it has become essential for designers and architects to construct apartments that are practical as well as style-conscious, and, as is so often the case, a perceived problem turns into a wonderful solution.

A ‘before’ picture of the loft apartment shows the extent the work that will need to be done to transform the place into a desirable living space. With an outdated paint job and awkward corners and edges, a solution doesn’t look easily rendered.
Architects decided that the best idea for the place was to create a flowing, open space on”multi-level living platforms”, according to Insider.
The idea was to dispel the concept of different rooms for the loft, instead of creating an open plan arrangement in which one room flows seamlessly into the next; giving the illusion of a wider, larger space than is actually available.
The apartment, which is on the Upper West Side of New York City, has 25 vertical feet to work with, which gave the architects in charge of re-imagining the place enough space to realise their multiple levels concept.
I don’t know about you, but next time I want to give my place a bit of a spruce up, I’ll be calling these guys. What an amazing transformation.
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