Learn How To Repair Concrete Steps

Since concrete stairs may break or cracks may occur because of the weather conditions and heavy traffic, it is necessary to repair them from time to time.

We will present here several methods that can help you to repair your stairs.


If the damages are not severe it is not difficult to repair cracked concrete stairs. That is why you need to check out if the stairs are breaking into crumbs or chunks or if they present any serious crack. If the cracks are small, the process of repairing is easy and you will spend no more than an hour to repair them. You will need a good epoxy crack sealer and to clean the damaged area very well. If the area is wet, don’t start your project. Let it get dry; otherwise, the sealer will fail. Mix the epoxy sealer as written in the manufacturer’s instructions and use a flat putty knife to put a thin layer of adhesive on the crack’s length. Make the surface of the stair even and let the sealer get dry for about six hours.

Broken concrete

If the treads of the stairs are broken, you will have to repair them immediately because they are not safe anymore. You’ll need

– wooden form (6mm);

– duct tape;

– quick setting cement;

– Trowel

  1. Clean area with water and let the stair get dry.
  2. Use your vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt, sand particles or gravel from the area.
  3. Measure the dimension of the stair and cut a suitable L-shape mold from the wooden form.
  4. Place the wooden form against the chipped stair corner and fix it using strips of duct tape.
  5. In a plastic container mix the quick setting cement with water.
  6. Apply the mixture to the concrete stair and the wooden frame. You’ll have to move fast because this type of cement gets dry very quickly.
  7. Use a trowel to even the edge and the corner of the stair.
  8. After 12 hours remove the wooden form and the tape