Important Tips For Civil Engineer

We will give you here some important tips, for a civil engineers, to follow on construction site:

  • Develop your physique. A manly look is very important to get the work done and to be a good team player.
  • Be clear and crispier while communicating to your colleagues in work place. Time is very important for a civil engineer.
  • Make yourself clear and strong in basic civil engineering concepts like materials, design codes and analysis to communicate effectively.
  • Always carry a diary and relevant documents with you. i.e., construction drawings, daily task list, attendance list etc
  • Improve your speed in studying and understanding plan drawings and documents
  • Maintain proper dress code and punctuality.
  • Wear PPE(personal protective devices)
  • At least wear safety shoes and helmet if you are either working or visiting a construction site.
  • Learn other languages for better communication with labours and colleagues.
  • This will open up lot of opportunities in future.