Gypsum Plaster vs. Cement Plaster


It’s very important to know the difference between Cement Plaster and Gypsum Plaster so we will discuss in detail the comparison between these two kinds of plaster.

 Parameters Cement plaster Gypsum plaster
Basic Raw Material ·         Cement + sand (Site mixed)·         Cement + sand (Packaged) Gypsum powder
Manufacturing Site –  Site mixedFactory – Ready Made Packages Factory made
Green Product NO YES
Application areas Internal & External Internal (Non- wet areas, excluding kitchen,bathrooms,balconies etc)
Standard packaging size 40 kg 25 kg
Consumption per (12mm thick plaster) ·         For 1: 4, Cement = 39 kgSand = 4 cft covering 100 sq.ft. area

·         40 kg bag – 16 to 18 sq.ft.


25 kg bag – 18 to 21 sq.ft
Compressive strength 3.5 to 7.5 MPa (depending on ratio)Example: 1:4 –  4 to 5 MPa 5 – 7 Mpa
Minimum coat thickness  > 10 mmShould not be Less than 10 mm < 6 mmShould Be building more than 6mm or else will peel off
  • Depend on quality of sand
  • May require POP Punning (6-8 mm) on it
Smooth finish and Ready to receive paint built up
Curing Wet curing for 07 days Air curing for 24 hrs.
Disadvantage Prone to plastic/drying shrinkage cracks Need to avoid prolong dampness
Recommendations External plasterAll wet internal areas (kitchen, Toilet & Terraces/Balcony). Internal walls and ceiling (Non wet area)
 Cost Per 100 Sq ft  Rs. 2,000/-Rs. 2600/-, If POP punning is done to prepare a smooth surface  Rs. 2,300/-

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