FREE Construction Estimating Software for all kinds of Takeoff

Do you calculate projects by night and on weekends? And would you like to pass leisure time with your relatives? If you want to get better on those two serious questions, we have the perfect solution that will actually serve for both.

How about a FREE concrete estimation worksheet that does the work of 3 to 6 calculators? We know that it sounds fanatical but we let you be the evaluator of that. Hang on to your chair and view this concrete estimating takeoff completed in minutes, not hours, not days, not weeks – only moments.

It is very significant to know that your answers to the takeoff dimensions and questions will automatically compute your labor material and equipment amounts. It allows you to takeoff Slab on Grade cells and click on QM Toolbar in order to transfer cells to Area view. It will show the results. You can take off an additional part of slab on grade.

You can select a slab by clicking on the edges. Click on Done icon once you have selected an additional part of slab on grade. When you are done, it will put it in the list automatically. It will transfer to the excel sheet. You can change the thickness of gravel, thickness of concrete, edge from length, rebar size, and rebar length.

All the information gets transferred automatically to all the tabs once you apply changes. These following description of quantities are automatically calculated once you answer.

  • Fine Grade
  • Crusher Run Gravel
  • Vapor Barrier
  • Welded Mesh
  • Rebar
  • Rebar Labor
  • Concrete
  • Curing Compound
  • Pump or EQ Cost
  • Form, Preparation, Place and Finish

It automatically calculates material labor and equipment rupee/unit. Here are some more quantities with formulas.

  • Crew Production = crew days or crew hours * crew rate
  • Crew Makeup = Craft hourly cost x of crew members = Total money / Crew Hour or Crew day

It shows results for selling price total, cost total and square foot of the slab divided by total cost and total sell. You can see the cost per square foot. It allows you to add strip footings. It updates automatically in the excel sheet. You can see the specifications and descriptions of excavate width and thickness, rebar size and more.

Download Construction Estimating Software

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