How To Find Length Of Road | Calculate Geometry For Length Of Roads

This is a nice presentation from S.L. Khan, the renowned civil engineer.

In this video, you will get solution to the problem of how to determine the length of a road from existing company budget?

The calculation will be made on the basis of the following data :-

Existing Budget = Rs. 5 Million
The breadth of the road = 20 feet
The density of road = 6 inches
Unit Rate = Rs. 200/cft

Here, Total Cost = unit rate x road volume
Road Volume = Length x Breadth x Thickness
Assume road volume as V
Therefore, V = Length x Breadth x Thickness
As value of length is unknown, it is taken as L
So, V = L x 20 x 0.5
V = 10L

To determine the total cost, the following formula is used :-

Unit Rate x Road Volume = 200 x 10L = 2000L

After putting available budget, we get the following :-
5000000 = 2000 L

By dividing both sides by 2000, we get the following :-
5000000/2000 = 2000 L/2000

L = 2500 feet
Therefore, road length is 2500 feet

To get more information, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: SL Khan

How to calculate the length of a road based on the existing budget