How To Control A Lamp / Light Bulb From Two Places Using Two Way Switches For Staircase Lighting Circuit

How to wire 2 way switch?
Why Two Way Light Switch Wiring Is Important In Staircase Circuit

Staircase circuit connection wiring is different form one way control light switch and we did not use one way switches in this connection because we need to controlled or switch off/on the lamp form both places top and down. For that we control lamp form two places using two way switches. In short this connection we use to save energy and to control or switching lamp / light bulb form both places.

How Two Way Control Light Bulb Connection Is Works

In this wiring connection we use two way switches in which we have three terminals, in these terminals one is common and two for connection. we can use it for many connection using different connection methods. For example we use it changing flow of current positive to negative etc.

How To Control A Lamp / Light Bulb Form Two Places Using 2 Way Switches

The circuit of controlling lamp form two way switch is simple, in this connection we use two way switches, for this first of all connect the neutral wire to the lamp or bulb socket and then connect the phase or Line wire to the common terminal of the first two way switch, the do connection between the other terminals of first and 2nd switch terminals with one another as shown in below diagram. In last connect a wire between lamp socket 2nd terminal and 2nd switch common terminal as shown below image plus diagram.


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