Combined sheet pile walls – king pile-sheet pile wall combinations

Combined sheet pile walls are typically formed by joining a pair of sheet pile sections with regularly spaced king pile patterns. sheet Combined sheet pile walls are mostly used in marine applications where they provide increased stiffness combined to regular sheet pile walls. In marine applications, it is common for the king piles to be driven to a greater depth so that greater axial capacity is obtained.

Combined steel sheet piling is used in many types of temporary works and permanent structures. The sections are designed to provide the maximum strength and durability. The design of the section interlocks facilitates pitching and driving and results in a continuous wall with a series of closely fitting joints. Care should be taken since special interlocks are required between the king piles and the sheet pile walls. Corrosion protection is required for permanent combined sheet pile walls.
For earth retaining systems, the most typical configurations include:

Single H-king pile – sheet pile wall combination

Double H-king pile – sheet pile wall combination

Pipe pile – sheet pile wall combination

King pile wall advantages

• Increased wall stiffness
• Increased wall moment resistance
• Sheet piles can be terminated at higher elevations
• King piles can extend deeper to better bearing strata
• Might offer a better alternative to other systems
• Ideal for heavy marine applications

King pile wall disadvantages

• Increased cost when compared to standard sheet piles
• Installation more complex compared to sheet piles
• Greater coating surface when compared to sheet piles

Ref: Deep excavation

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