Civil Site Engineer Must Know | Civil Engineer Tips And Trick

Least density of the slab should be 125 mm.
Absorption of water should not be over 15%

Lapping is unaccepted for the bars which contain diameter over 36 mm.

Longitudinal reinforcement should be not under 0.8% and in excess of 6% of gross C/S.
At least 4 numbers of bars should be used for square column and 6 numbers of bars for circular column.
Minimum density of the slab should be 125 mm.
Lap slices are not recommended for the bar greater than 36 mm.
Water absorption of bricks should not surpass 15%.
PH value of the water should not be under 6.
Dimension tolerance for cubes should be +2 mm.

Densities of different types of construction materials :-

Steel = 7850 kg/Cum
Cement = 1440 kg/Cum
Brick = 1682 kg/Cum or 1920 kg/cum
Sand = 1100 to 1600 kg/cum
Water = 1000 kg/cum
R.C.C = 2500 kg/cum (5% of steel)

P.C.C = 2400 kg/cum
Wood = 1100 kg/cum
Crushed Brick = 950-1250 Kg/cum

To get these information online, watch the following construction video.

Some vital points a site civil engineer should abide by