What Do You Mean By Batching Of Concrete?

Concrete is a versatile, durable, sustainable, and economical material and is world’s most widely used construction material.Only Proper and accurate measurement of concrete ingredients will make good quality concrete. Once mix design is established, the first task is to batch materials.Batching of concrete is the process of measuring and combining required concrete ingredients either by weight or […]

Engineering Drawing | Scale Drawing In Civil Engineering

Sami Ullah, the renowned engineer, presents this useful video for civil engineering students. In this construction video, you will learn how to produce a scale drawing in civil engineering. In civil engineering, scale signifies the proportion or ratio among the dimensions chosen for the drawing and the related dimensions of the object. Representing scales: The […]

Exceptionally Creative Exterior Designs

Exceptionally creative designers have managed to surprise us one more time. For one house or a building, there are several points that are important and that matter. First of all, the interior and the alignment of the rooms is very important and should be carefully planned and designed. Also, it should satisfy the needs and […]

Dimensions that are Considered as Standard in Designing

Dimensions are an important part of planning and designing. Generally, all of the projects defer in size and shape. However, there are guidelines with proportions that are considered as a standard. Using these proportions, the work of the architects can be easier and faster. Also, these proportions are a result of a profound and thorough […]

Staircase Design | Wooden Stairs | Architectural Stairs

In this exclusive video tutorial, Sami Ullah Stanikzai, the renowned civil engineer, has briefly described the steps necessary for making the design of a staircase along with Riser and Tread.In a staircase there are two sections like vertical section and horizontal section. Riser and Tread are the vital parts of a staircase. Tread The tread […]

Design Of Shear Reinforcement In A Beam And Column | Reinforcement In Concrete structures

In this construction video tutorial one can learn about why minimum shear reinforcement is arranged in beam and column for the reinforced concrete structure. The following types of stresses are available :- Simple or Direct Stress – It is categorized as tension, compression and shear. Indirect Stress – It is categorized as bending and torsion. […]