Spreadsheet Toolkit With 200 Calculations | Civil Engineering Spreadsheet | Civil and Structural Engineers Spreadsheet

In this construction video tutorial, one can get demo of a spreadsheet toolkit that is available in all-in-1 spreadsheet USB protected license. The toolkit contains 2000 unique spreadsheets which are specifically designed for civil engineers, structural engineers, geotechnical engineers etc. The toolkit can be utilized for the following purposes:- Computing the beam For obtaining the […]

How To Test Clay Bricks Used For Building Construction?

Burnt Clay Bricks are one of the most commonly used materials in construction industry. Masonry wall are build using these bricks ,brick masonry wall can be load bearing and non-load bearing(Framed structure) types depending on their structural functionality and its thickness are 4” & 6” (internal walls) & 9”(external walls, common wall between two individual […]


LABOUR ESTIMATE FOR VARIOUS ITEMS OF WORKS SN. ITEM DESCRIPTION QUANTITY LABOUR ( 8 hours per day) 1. Concrete in Foundation. 10 m3 Head Mason 1/4, Mason 2, Labour 20 2. R.C.C. M – 15 grade. 10 m3 Head Mason 1/2, Mason 3, Labour 23 Note: For each additional storey, the strength should be increased […]

Groundfridge For Cooling Without Electricity

Groundfridge is an amazing invention that you will surely want to own. This fridge does not use any electricity, it uses the ground and stays cool. So, it is economical and eco-friendly. Generally, the idea is to dig a hole into your garden or yard, make it circular. Afterwards, you can order this invention and […]