The World’s Future MEGAPROJECTS (2017-2040’s)

A documentary on eight of the most ambitious mega-projects currently under development around the world, featuring: Istanbul’s building boom (Turkey); the Mission to put a human on Mars; the effort to develop Lagos (Nigeria); Africa’s unprecedented clean energy opportunity; the project to probe the nearest Earth-like exoplanet; Atlanta’s stadium of the future (Georgia, United States); […]

10 Of World’s Largest Mega Construction Projects

Here are 10 mega-construction projects on track to open soon. Many developers, engineers, and architects have grand ideas, but actually pulling off breathtakingly enormous endeavors is something relatively few accomplish. Here are 10 mega-construction projects on track to open soon. Number 10. Beijing Daxing International Airport, China. Despite delays, estimates still place the initial completion stage of what […]

Methods Of Calculation Quantities Of Materials

There are several methods used for calculating quantities of materials. We will describe the five major methods and they come up with the right measurement of materials you need. 1. Centre Line Method: This method can be applied to the square building with symmetrical offsets. To calculate the quantities of materials, you need to multiply the total […]

Download Types Of Pavement pdf.

TYPES OF PAVEMENT – FLEXIBLE AND RIGID PAVEMENT: There are two types of pavements based on design considerations i.e. flexible pavement and rigid pavement. Difference between flexible and rigid pavements is based on the manner in which the loads are distributed to the subgrade. Before we differentiate between flexible pavements and rigid pavements, it is […]

Brick Quality Standards

We will describe here some qualities of a good brick: 01. Brick Earth: Brick earth doesn’t contain stones, kankars, organic matter, saltpetre and damaging chemical etc. 02. Size: The bricks should be made with consistent size as well as plain, rectangular surfaces containing parallel sides and sharp straight edges. The bricks with standard and consistent […]

Complete Guidelines For Designing Stairs

We will give you here examples and the best solutions for different types of stairs. Every space has a specific needs for different projects and different type of stairs. Because of that, you have to be fairly acquainted with the characteristics for each type, if you plan to make them.  On the pictures below you can […]


We will give you here the list of civil engineering videos which will help you to gain particle knowledge in the construction field. Enjoy! Water Proofing of Concrete Types of Cement Transportation of concrete THE BEST PRACTICES TO SET UP FORMWORK Test for comprehensive strength of concrete-Cube Casting Setting Out Storage of Cement Selection of […]