Requirements For A Good Staircase

Requirements for a Good Staircase Stairs should be so located that they can be easily accessible from the different rooms of the building. It should have provision for adequate light and proper ventilation. It should have sufficient stair width to accommodate a number of persons in peak hours or emergencies. Generally, for interior stairs, the […]

Single & Double Reinforced Beams | Reinforced RCC Beam Design

Given below the characteristics of a single reinforcement beam :- a. Beam is reinforced adjacent to the tensile face. b. Reinforcement withstands the tension. c. Concrete withstands the compression. Given below the characteristics of a doubly reinforcement beam :- a. Beam is inflexible for architectural plan. b. Reinforcement is arranged in tension and compression zone […]

Detailed Estimate for The Proposed New Construction of Residential Building

Detailed Estimate for The Proposed New Construction of Residential Building Description of Work Earth work excavation Sand filling for foundation/basement P.C.C 1:5:10 mix for foundation , 40mm metal R.C.C 1:2:4 for Beam, sunshade, loft, roof, using tor steel rods DUMMY CONCRETE 1:3:6 Centering & Scaffolding Work using tor steel rods & mild steel Reinforcement Work […]

Difference between Plastering and Pointing

In this content, we are going to show the difference between plastering and pointing. Plastering is used to protect the exposed surface of masonry. However, in pointing only joints are properly filled with mortar. Cement, sand and lime are used in plastering. In pointing, we use just cement mortar. The plastering is done at both […]

Full Design Plans for Constructing a Villa

Full design plans are the essence of any construction. For that purpose, we give you the example of the elaborate plan. Following these plans there is the rendered image of the final look of the project which is an amazing residential villa. This villa has an amazing and unique look of the facade and the […]