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Project Management Templates

  Contents: Activity-Definition-and-Sequencing-Worksheet Activity-Definition-and-Sequencing-Worksheet-Instructions Change-and-Configuration-Management-Plan-Instructions Change-and-Configuration-Management-Plan-Template Change-Control-Request-Template. Change-Control-Request-Template-Instructions Communications-Plan-Instructions Communications-Plan-Template Issue-Management-Document Issue-Management-Document-Instructions Issue-Management-Log Issue-Management-Log-Instructions Organization-Breakdown-Structure-Worksheet-Instructions Orgnizational-Breakdown-Structure-Worksheet Perfomance-Plan-Instructions Performance-Plan-Template Procurement-Plan-Instructions Procurement-Plan-Template Project Planning Transition Checklis Project-Analysis-Instructions Project-Analysis-Worksheet Project-Budget-Instructions Project-Budget-Template Project-Charter-Template-Instructions Project-Closeout-Report Project-Closeout-Report-Instructions Project-Closeout-Transition-Checklist Project-Execution-and-Control-Transition-Checklist Project-Initiation-Transition-Checklist.doc Project-Plan Project-Plan-Instructions Project-Planning-Transition-Checklist Project-Proposal-Document-Template Project-Proposal-Document-Template-Instructions Project-Schedule Project-Schedule-Instructions Project-Scope-and-Business-Objective-Worksheet Project-Scope-and-Business-Objective-Worksheet-Instructions Project-Status-Report Project-Status-Report-Instructions Quality-Management-and-IVV Plan Quality-Mgt-and-IVV- Plan-Template-Instructions Resource-Plan-Template Resource-Plan-Template-Instructions Risk-Management-Plan-Instructions Risk-Management-Plan-Template User-Acceptance-Report.doc User-Acceptance-Report-Instructions […]


Before making a mix design for shotcrete or sprayed concrete, it is needed to get sufficient information from the clients. Adequate support information will be resulted in technically and economically effect for the work. A proper mix design assure a successful trial and thus, successful application on site. Hereafter is a list of 9 questions […]


An engineering manager is an engineer whose job requires him or her to apply the principles of engineering to the practices and practicalities of business. Ideally suited for a person who is skilled and knowledgeable in the technical, mechanical and technological aspects of engineering but who possesses the planning abilities and people management skills of […]

Trenchless Technology in Construction and their Methods

The concept trenchless technology is a word used to describe a set or family of activities that are employed in construction work or in civil engineering. The set of works involves activities or techniques for making holes or conduit renovation or underground activity without disturbing the surface. Trenchless technology is widespread in various areas that […]

Construction Mistakes That Will Make You Laugh

Construction mistakes are everywhere! We are stunned by the amazing projects that are making our life easier and more beautiful (Construction Mistakes That Will Make You Laugh ), but also we are so disappointed by some mistakes. Seems like beginner’s mistake finding such drops in the field of construction.        

Epoxy Injection

Epoxy injection is an repairing  cracks in concrete, slabs, columns and piers. The epoxy or polyurethane concrete crack repair materials is injected into the concrete crack through these ports. These ports have a wide base that gives a strong adhesion to the concrete. Next, spread concrete crack surface sealer over the face of the crack.It […]