CHECK LIST FOR QUALITY CONTROL OF RCC WORKS CHECK LIST FOR QUALITY CONTROL OF RCC WORKS Carry out slump test at regular intervals to ensure proper workability. While concreting cubes must be taken to as per IS: 456 – 2000 to ensure the quality and strength of concrete by testing at 7, 21, and 28 […]

Quality Requirement of Admixture

When the admixtures are compatible with the concrete, they should meet the following quality requirement: Characteristics of admixture: The data sheet should give away essential characteristic details like the kind of admixtures, on hand forms, the  basic elements utilized, particulars on dosage and its utilization techniques, safety measures to be undertaken and its adherence with […]

Design of Retaining Wall Excel Sheet

Retaining walls are used in the construction of basement below ground level, wing walls of bridge and to retain slopes in hilly terrain roads. Retaining wall can be constructed with masonry as well as reinforced concrete. In case of masonry retaining wall, the thickness of wall increases with height because masonry resists the lateral pressure […]

Topics for seminars & projects in Structural Engineering

Here are few topics which you can choose for seminar presentations or project work in structural engineering: Evaluation of marine salts properties near the bridge structures A relative research on durability of concrete tunnels carried out in AP irrigation projects Multistory structure which are already fabricated, contact to engineering seismicity Shape optimization of Reinforced underground […]

Bridge Box Girder

A box girder (also known as tubular girder) is a girder that forms an enclosed tube or hollow box like structure with multiple walls. The proceeding with development of roadway system all through the world is generally the consequence of awesome increment in movement, populace and broad development of metropolitan urban territories. This extension has […]


  Beam Design Column Design Column Design Slab Design Grid Floor Analysis & Design Staircase Design Combined Footing Isolated Footing Dome Design 3 Hinged Arch Design Circular Beam Slender Column Bi-Axial Column Deflection Calculation DESIGN OF RETAINING WALL DESIGN OF L Shaped Cantilever RETAINING WALL DESIGN OF Reverse L Shaped Cantilever RETAINING WALL Design Constants […]