How To Become A Civil Engineer | Civil Engineer Careers

To become a successful civil engineer, the following knowledge is essential :- Building materials testing processes Concrete Test : Slump test, compression test, split tensile test, soundness Soil Test : Core cutter test, compaction test, sand replacement test, triaxial test, consolidation test etc. Bitumen Test : Ductility test, softening point test, gravity test, penetration test […]

Cladding Of The External Walls

Cladding of the external walls is applying materials one over the other in order to get thicker layer. Generally, professionals use this technique to have better thermal insulation and protection from the weather. Also, this can be used for aesthetics and better look of the houses or the buildings. This technique is not an easy […]

Hand Barrow Volume | Construction Video Tutorial

Renowned civil engineer S.L. Khan comes up with another useful construction video tutorial for civil engineering students. In this tutorial, one will come to know how to find out the volume of a hand borrow. As the shape of the hand borrow is not uniform. So, it becomes difficult to find the volume. To simplify […]

Concrete Cube Testing

Concrete Cube Testing to determine the strength of concrete can be done in both Destructive and Non-Destructive Methods of Testing. In Civil Engineering Jobs, Civil Engineering Construction Practice Cube test is one of the vital test which is performed to determine the strength of concrete which has been already used in the construction. Cube Testing […]