LITTERTAINMENT – Very good idea!

If I told you that a garbage bin won a design award in Sydney and the coveted IxDA interaction design award, you’d wonder what I was talking about. Well, TetraBIN is literally (litter-aly!) an award winning trash can. Why is that? Because it makes trash disposal so unique and fun, it became an instant iconic […]

Scientists Have Found A Drug That Regenerates Teeth, And It Could Leave Dentists Without Work

Researchers have identified a drug that can regenerate teeth from the inside out, possibly reducing the need for artificial fillings. The drug was previously used in Alzheimer’s clinical trials, and it now appears to improve the tooth’s natural ability to heal itself. It works by activating stem cells inside the tooth’s pulp centre, prompting the […]


From the Chrysler building to the Colosseum, there are many buildings that have decorated and graced our skylines, that it is almost impossible to choose which one is the brightest. There are many famous architects that have made iconic designs and world’s most famous buildings. But, there are always exceptions and everyone can’t be good in […]

How to Parallel Park

With a little geometry and a few ground rules, you can snug into just about any spot. Or, you know, you could just pull the handbrake and rip off a J-turn. Rules of thumb and experience help, but we prefer repeatable experiments. And if you see this and laugh, you’re probably not as good as […]

15 Life Hacks That Are So Dumb, They’re Genius

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. The well-known saying is often used as a motivating phrase to convince you that hey, life ain’t all that bad. Make the best out of a bad situation. The only person that can change your situation is you. For some people, they’ve had enough of this motivational bullsh*t. […]

New DOE Report Reveals Solar Employs More People in Electricity Generation than Gas, Coal and Oil Combined

Many energy-conscious countries around the world are now seizing on new opportunities presented by renewable energy. These countries are gradually diversifying their energy sector, transitioning from non-renewable sources to renewable ones. Renewable energy has proven that it’s the energy source for the future world. It is vital to the survival of the human race on […]