Benefits of Concrete floor heating

Reason For Floor Heating: Concrete floor heating is carried out by employing the high thermal mass concerning a concrete slab or floor with preservation of heat in the floor and it performs similar to a large heating panel, to heat the interior space over it and arrange a convenient living surroundings for the occupants. The […]

Necessary IS Codes for Functional Requirements In Buildings

A building code (alias building control or building regulations) stands for a series of rules which indicate the standards for constructed objects like buildings and nonbuilding structures. Buildings should abide by the codes to acquire planning permission, generally from a local council. The primary objective of building codes is to safeguard public health, safety and […]


Given below a specimen of concrete placement checklist for RCC 1. Accomplish slump test at regular intermission to certify exact workability. 2. When concreting cubes is performed according to IS: 456 – 2000 to guarantee the quality and strength of concrete by conducting test at 7, 21, and 28 days. 3. Create sufficient number of […]


WHAT IS VOLUME BATCHING OF CONCRETE? The proper and accurate measurement of all the material used in concrete making is necessary to ensure uniformity of proportions and aggregate grading in succeeding batches. Volume batching is not a good method for measuring concrete materials. It is not applicable in case of reinforced concrete structure. This method […]

The effective length of columns

To determine the effective length for lateral buckling under the action of axial loads, a factor can be applied to the restraint spacing. For effective lengths of columns fixed at both ends, columns fixed at one end and hinged at other, columns hinged at both ends, etc. Effective length is nothing but the length between […]

Hydraulic Calculations and Hydraulic Design of The Bridge

Hydraulics is the essential feature of bridge design. Fair assessment of flood levels, maximumflood discharge expected to occur at bridge site during design life of bridge, and maximum scour levels are essential aspects of bridge hydraulics.Faulty determination of these parameters may lead to failure of structures. While doing hydrauliccalculations attention should be paid to the following […]


A Civil Engineer’s job focuses mainly on construction of infrastructure and buildings, this might include project management in the commercial construction industry, geotechnical engineering, environmental engineering, hydrology and coastal engineering. Civil engineering is a very stable field of engineering to be in, and can also be very lucrative. Many civil engineers continue their education with […]


Below, you’ll find the AutoCAD one-key shortcuts.  SHORTCUT COMMAND COMMENT A ARC Draw an arc AL ALIGN Align an object with another AP APPLOAD Opens application load dialogue box AR ARRAY Opens array dialogue box AUDIT AUDIT Audit drawing for errors AV DSVIEWER Opens ariel view of drawing B BLOCK Opens block dialogue box C […]

Reinforcement of cantilever retaining wall.

Retaining wall design is crucial for giving support to slopes of soil, that would otherwise be unstable and run-off.   The different types of wall designs include Gravity, Semigravity, Cantilever and Counterfort. The precision in the design of such walls is important since they can be toppled by natural forces (hurricane & earthquakes) if ill-constructed. […]