POST TENSIONING IN REHABILITATION OF STRUCTURES Post tensioning has become very popular these days sensing the advantages it provides. Even small structures of G+2 are using post tensioning these days. The application of post tensioning has increased and it is well being used for restoration, rehabilitation and strengthening of structures. Here is a case study […]

Stairs and Terms Relating Stairs

Stairs :- A series of steps which provide access from one floor to another is called a stair. Stair Case : The part of building accommodating the stair is known as stair case. Important Technical Terms : Step :- The combination of a tread and a riser supported by a string is called step. · […]


Piles can be arranged in a number of ways so that they can support load imposed on them. Vertical piles can be designed to carry vertical loads as well as lateral loads. If required, vertical piles can be combined with raking piles to support horizontal and vertical forces. Often, if a pile group is subjected […]


Strengthening of reinforced concrete columns is needed when: 1. The load carried by the column is increased due to either increasing the number of floors or due to mistakes in the design. 2. The compressive strength of the concrete or the percent and type of reinforcement are not according to the codes’ requirements. 3. The […]

How to design and detail of RCC Beams

RCC beams structural elements are useful for bearing transverse external loads which can produce bending moment, shear forces and sometimes torsion across their length. It is known that concrete has good strength against compression and but weak strength in tension. Steel reinforcement has the capacity to withstand tensile stresses in reinforced concrete beams. In RCC […]

Detailing Of Reinforcement In Beam

Reinforcement plays an important role to withstand tensile stresses which occur because of bending and shear in beams toward singly reinforced sections. But if the depth of section is constrained because of various causes like architectural reasons as well as basement floors, the beam section is designed like doubly reinforced to withstand tensile and compressive […]