Standard Bathroom Rules and Guidelines with Measurements

Dear readers we present you the Standard Bathroom Rules and Guidelines with Measurements which will answer the typical needs of the users. Developed a strategy against difficulties that people meet every day using the bathrooms is showing the best recommended designs. Best dimensions for installing the bathroom elements, best location of them, getting the best […]

Geometry in the Stair Designs

Stairs can make a huge difference in the interior. They can add soul, dynamism and beauty in the interior design, making it more pleasant place for living (Geometry in the Stair Designs). Geometry is inspiring many people and so designers and engineers and other manufacturer who build staircases. In fact, geometry can make incredible forms […]

DIY Kitchen Upgrade

Final product first. Mostly. Some outlet covers missing. I bought my house with the intention of upgrading everything without big remodels (like additions). This is the biggest project yet and I’m incredibly happy with how it turned out! It took about 10 weeks, which is decent considering I work full-time and also took a few […]